Customs Brokerage

HWFS have been providing Customs clearance services in the UK since 1981. Our in-house computer systems are directly linked to HM Revenue & Customs, providing a quick and efficient clearance whether by air, courier, sea, road or hand carry.

Commodities handled include aircraft parts, automobile parts, pharmaceuticals/medical industries, oil and gas, personal effects, antiques, human remains, firearms, garments and high value goods. We have experience in all Customs regimes including home-use, airworthiness, End-use, Chicago convention, IPR, OPR, carnet, exhibition, warehouse, temporary import / export and British return goods.

  • Import/Export Customs clearances
  • Merchandise in Baggage (MIB) clearances for cargo arriving with passengers/on board couriers (including AOG aircraft parts, valuable cargo, exhibition goods or urgent cargo)
  • Customs compliance and audit services
  • 24/7 availability
  • All UK airports