Information Technology

As the logistics industry has multiple countries, procedures and technology platforms that do not talk to one another, we have installed the best software solution available to integrate our Customs clearance software and accounts software directly into our mainframe system. BoxTrax provides an online portal for our clients to manage any shipment information needed for successful logistics. Each customer’s online account can be customised so they will be more closely aligned with our business of freight management.

From the moment a customer provides information for a PO, or a shipment, to the safe delivery of your goods; HWFS gives you total visibility.

You can see the status of your shipment, the size, quantity and current location. From inception to completion, you’re always in the know.

Our on-demand or scheduled reporting as defined by you the customer means that you can receive as many reports as you wish, sent to as many people, as often as needed. Our portal has just one sign-on and login, no need to remember multiple passwords and procedures, simply tab across to find whatever you need to know.

We believe our Customer Portal is a perfect example of how our superior technology allows us to stay lean and customer focused, using fewer resources.

Booking/Shipment Tracking

With our online booking tools our customers can create a job they want us to handle, avoiding double keying to ensure data accuracy and saving time. Regular shipper and consignee addresses can be saved into the system. Additionally, we can create an immediate tracking link allowing our customers to provide details to the consignee or other interested party so they can keep up to date on the consignment’s progress and final delivery.

Clients can search for specific consignments from a comprehensive array of options including their own references. Each record can be selected, allowing the user to drill down and obtain even more useful consignment information including…

  • Detailed consignment information; clearly displayed and relevant to the transport mode
  • Customs information, including clearance dates, entry numbers and route
  • Shipping container information, including container number, size, type and seal number
  • Delivery details, including name and address information and proof of delivery details
  • Warehouse information, including date of receipt, supplier details, pieces and weight
  • Milestone events detailing bespoke shipment status messages
  • Job related documents, available to print/download online (PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, emails, GIFs, JPGs etc.)
Warehouse Inventory

We have a warehousing function within Boxtrax to allow online visibility to our customers. This enables the user to view what stock is being held and the precise location, even across multiple sites. Our clients can:

  • View real-time stock details/levels and export data into Excel
  • Search for specific inventory and view stock movement history
  • Pick their own warehouse stock items online or automatically create a pick list for our warehouse workforce to ensure accuracy