Private Clients

HWFS have a diverse number of private clients, including members of the Saudi Royal family, famous business owners and well-known celebrities. We always offer a personal, reliable and efficient transport solutions where a top rated service is of paramount importance. Often time and 100% reliability is of greater importance than cost for these clients and ensuring the job is handled without fuss or inconvenience is the number 1 priority.

In the past we have moved an 8ft teddy bear from Harrods (including suitable packing), artwork valued at over £1 million (again with suitable packing and all cargo insurance and relevant import and export paperwork) and a crate of a specific brand of fizzy drink that was required for an important function the same night in the French Alps.

  • Available 24/7 and 365 days a year
  • Worldwide import and export solutions – Door to Door & Counter to Counter
  • Express Next Flight Out (NFO) airport services for urgent shipments
  • Personal, reliable and efficient tailored services
  • Experts in Customs clearances and compliance
  • Bespoke packing services
  • Dangerous goods shipping & certification
  • Insurance – fully protect your goods in transit